Sunday, September 30, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself,

For days I sat thinking what I wanted to blog about. Lol, until it hit me. I'm in no way perfect. I don’t judge anyone because I know what it’s like firsthand to have problems and issues that are hard to deal with and overcome. As honest as I can be, I'll say to the world that I'm currently doing everything in my power to stay sober. Things I've been through, People I let into my life, Problems I didn't want to handle lead me to drinking and drug experimentation.I became everything that doesn't represent who I am, I participated in things that I don't condone. I was at a very dark place in my life and really allowed myself to be defeated. Then One day I decided, to take responsibility for my actions. "IF YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU DO BETTER!”. So to those in a similar situation please don’t give up on life yet alone yourself!

Find someone to talk to. . .get help, find some outlet that will enable you to win. For me it was my love for Entertainment.  I sing, write music, and Act. Those things kept me hoping to get through that terrible phase of my life. Every time I came close to doing that, I lacked faith. I expected some horrific event involving my past to happen and destroy my future. Until there was nothing left for me to do but pray. Now I have a blog which I can devote my time too. To talk about anything that comes to mind, and as you get to know me you will understand how candid I am. I’ve been often described as Stubborn, Very opinionated, Outspoken and determined. Everything I’ve been through created an individual not afraid of staying true to who they are, someone who always has the bigger picture as the backdrop to life’s stage. And for that I’m very proud. I’m restored, renewed and reinvented. Ready to carve my niche, I’m completely back in business.