Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MUST READ: Truth Behind 2012 Election

Let me Start off by showing you this!

Struck a nerve didn't it. Growing up we never really. . .UNDERSTAND how important it is, to be aware and apart of the well being of our country. We never made plans for the future generations after us. As it proves, and whether or not it was done on purpose vs. happening because situations out of everyone's control. Turning out to be both!! We, Our generation really has the power to make those changes so we need to make them 'Cause if not were F*cked! And so is everything we THOUGHT we built.

View this as well!

Well I guess it really is a little bit of both. I came across this and was like. . .Are you F**K*N KIDDING ME! 
It get's deeper keep reading.
More Knowledge!!!
Im posting this info so you have a real understanding of what we are voting about this November. And i'm not trying to get to you vote for any particular candidate. I just want you to wake up, and stop being what they (The feds) want us to be. FUCKIN IDIOTS! wake up and smell the coffee.

Instead of panicking and feeling like its took late its not!! Get involved. Build a solid foundation in something. But most importantly, before going to the polls this November do your homework and research on these candidates. No one get's any free passes.

Special thanks and credit to Yahoo.com , Divinecosmos.com, and Voteourfuture.com 
Please Go Register to vote!
Here's a link to find the nearest Polling Place for you in your area: FIND MY POLL!


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