Monday, October 1, 2012

That Rihanna Reign Jus Wont Let Up!

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Since it started raining, rihanna haters have been pouring. Doubting Rihanna's talent, longevity, and her reign as one of pop's winning forces. But with a total of 8 albums which include a box set of her first 4 albums and the re-release not a deluxe of "Good Girl Gone Bad: RI Loaded" under her belt. A slew of chart-topping singles, several awards and accolades, and being named the artist with the most songs sold on a digital platform. You'd have to be a damn fool to not acknowledge her drive, hustle and diligence regarding her career. It's very safe to say that Rihanna is in her own lane, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Despite the publicized break-up with RnB sensation Chris Brown, she hasn't slowed down even taking to Oprah in a no holds barred conversation opening up about the event. Proving her authentic and the real deal. On the contrary it's no secret that her singles chart/sale better than her actual albums, it's also no secret that her live performances haven't been the best. Personally I love her voice, her look and her sound. I do think that it’s time she buckles down and get like she who shall not be named, and pre-record tracks and perform 65% live. It won’t be cheating the “riri navy”; it will be giving them more of what they want. Which is . . . @Rihanna really going ham on the competition?! Especially since, she dropped that BEAST of a track “DIAMONDS!!!” Gearing up for her 7th studio album that isn’t a compilation or a re-release. Now is the time for her to take not just her sound but her whole package, to the level we all know she should be at. Although she is indeed “Shining bright like a diamond” she hasn’t hit her peak as of yet. But that’s slowly changing since the Sia penned and Stargate/Blanco produced track hit the internet a little less than a week ago.  I’m just saying without the shade, coming from someone who loves everything about the model turned singer now actress. (Have you seen Battleship?) Rihanna it’s truthfully time to take it to the next level boo!  But if all else fails, keep pushing albums like bricks!!! It’s obviously been working well for you.

In the meantime peep one of my favorite not so throwback track's from Ms. Fenty herself

                                                                  #WHO'S BAD!

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