Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate 2012

Before I began my assessment of what I feel and think. For those who didn't catch it last night, let's recap.

mmkay, Firstly. Let me respond to all these people saying that "President Obama, had his a**  handed too him." My response to that is. . .Obama played it cool, he had no reason to "Attack" Romney. Who was clearly rehearsed and eager to perform. Who was obviously talking fast and so much to cover up and make sense of the statement about the 47%. I wasn't surprised and neither was the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I didn't expect President Obama to "Go in" on Mitt, because you should always save the best for last. All Mitt did was, babble and get caught up on everything he's been saying throughout his campaign. While the President, disturbed at times held back comments. He allowed for Mitt to dig a hole for himself. Ready for round 2? I am! The intercession should be interesting to see; Vice President Biden vs. Paul on Thursday October. 11th, 2012 @ 9pm. I'm sure President Obama is bracing himself for the rest of this 2012 election season. But Understand! Obama is only just getting started he's well aware of what were up against. And if Mitt want's to get an honest vote, then that's what he should do for the american people BE HONEST WITH THEM. Sadly that inside joke Mitt told about not wanting to borrow money from china, ridiculous considering that they (1%) has yet to give china back their gold ($16 trillion). Again, I don't want to persuade anyone into choosing Rep. or Dem. Just to encourage them to get a better understanding of what's really at stake.

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